Meet the Belt Line

A Coalition of Trust

Boston Street - A Child's Gauntlet

Boston Street the Sequel

Jacob's Ladder and Redbirds Baseball

Connecting Memphis Communities

Jacob's Ladder™ Community Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation founded in 2003 to pursue community building and a neighborhood revitalization agenda in Memphis, Tennessee.

We embody an ecumenical, faith-based perspective, strong on relationship building and stimulating collaboration among businesses, communities of faith, and neighborhood residents. Our mission is revitalizing the Belt Line through partnerships.

Please explore our website. Here you can see all sorts of information on our organization, how to get involved with Jacob's Ladder, information on neighborhoods where we are active, and galleries of images and videos from our events. And don't forget...

"Love thy neighbor as thyself"

Let's Get Together Collaboration Is Everything!

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MLK Day of Service

AMAZING GRACE: by the Jubilee Choristers, offered by Jacobs Ladder for a donation of $20